PIONAIR Air Purifiers

PIONAIR air purifiers are not simply air filters; they work by recreating nature’s ionization process in your own home.

PIONAIR air purifiers cleanse the air of particulates, allergens, and microbes.PIONAIR air purifiers cleanse the air of particulates, allergens, and microbes.

In nature, when negative ions are introduced into an area with positively charged air particulate like fungus, mold, and dander, the negative ions give their charge to those positively charged pollutants. The newly negative pollutants then attract other positively charged pollutants, clumping them together so they fall to the ground.

In the PIONAIR Air Treatment System, a built-in ultraviolet light creates inductive warmth, which draws the room’s water vapor into the system.

When the water vapor interacts with the ultraviolet light and the system’s titanium dioxide catalyst, the PIONAIR unit emits hydroxyl radicals and negative ions back out into the room. Once floating about, these negatively charged ions seek out positively charged pollutants to form agglomerations.

Concurrently, the hydroxyl radicals oxidize bacteria and viruses, breaking them down, reducing odor, and making the PIONAIR especially valuable in fighting fungus and mold.

Choose the PIONAIR Smart Pointe to reduce allergens

The SMART POINTE system uses the same photocatalysis technology as the standard PIONAIR system, but also generates active negative ions. The SMART POINTE generates negative ions much faster, which means there are more negative ions in the air to attach to the positively-charged particulate in the air.

Because most allergens – such as pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, and smoke – are particulate, SMART POINTE units are especially effective at relieving allergy symptoms sooner, while remaining equally effective against mold, bacteria, and normal household odors.

The SMART POINTE contains a sensor that monitors the balance in the electrical charge of the area being treated. When the treated area becomes balanced (the number of negative and positive ions are equal), the sensor automatically deactivates active ionization until more negative ions are needed.

This prevents dust, smoke, and other particulate from adhering to (and discoloring) walls and other surface areas.

By enhancing the negative ion generation, we improved the speed at which we attach to positively-charged particulate and drop it out of your breathing space. Many allergic reactions are triggered by particulate (allergens).

The SMART POINTE is a perfect choice for those of us who suffer from allergies triggered by airborne particulate (allergens). The SMART POINTE is also an excellent choice for anyone contending with high concentrations of pollen, pet dander, dust, or smoke.


There are 3 sizes of lamp modules to choose from to fit any size room - 350, 750 and 1500.  The lamp modules are interchangeable in the base units.  You swap them out just like changing a light bulb in a table lamp.

The combinations of 3 lamp modules and 2 base units leads to 11 items to choose from. 

  1. 350 Standard Unit
  2. 750 Standard Unit
  3. 1500 Standard Unit
  4. 350 Smart Pointe Unit
  5. 750 Smart Pointe Unit
  6. 1500 Smart Pointe Unit
  7. 350 Replacement Lamp Module
  8. 750 Replacement Lamp Module
  9. 1500 Replacement Lamp Module
  10. Standard Replacement Base Unit
  11. Smart Pointe Replacement Base Unit

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