What is an Amazon Optimization Consultant?

Succeed at Amazon with The Sage Owl

As Amazon Optimization Consultants, we help sellers realize their dreams of succeeding on Amazon.

There are 2 million Amazon sellers worldwide and 95% of them are failing to meet their goals. 

We can help you become one of the successful 5%.

We will work with you to optimize your existing product or help you find a product that has high demand and low competition.

What Steps Does an Amazon Optimization Consultant Use?

Here are the steps we follow to optimize your Amazon performance:

  1. Determine the existing demand and competition on Amazon
  2. Optimize your product label for Amazon
  3. Optimize your product listing on Amazon using professional copywriters and professional photographers
  4. Create a product launch to drive your listing to the top of the Amazon search page
  5. Drive external traffic to your listing while using a landing page to capture email addresses and distribute promo codes
  6. Market to your pre-existing audience
  7. Set up and manage Amazon PPC advertising campaigns and promotional coupons
  8. Use auto-responders to ensure customer satisfaction, receive product reviews, and increase repeat orders

We work with over 2000 other Amazon sellers in a group that provides support and first-hand experience.  We also work with some of the top minds in this field and can get any question answered within 24 hours if we don’t already know the answer or best path forward.  

In other words, Amazon can be so confounding at times, it takes the experience of thousands (including your team and our team) to determine the best solution.  As your Amazon Consultant, we will provide exactly that.

What does an Amazon Optimization Consultant Charge?

There is no charge up front for our services.  We don’t get paid until you are succeeding at your goals.

With that being said, we are very picky about the clients we work with.  We only work with clients that are prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed - the ones with the can do attitude. 

Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you ready to earn the success you deserve?

If so - contact us today to see if you qualify to be one of our clients.